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It takes a lot of knowledge and skill to get a truly excellent finish out of paints.  A lot of contractors think they can paint, but their results are disappointing.  PA Coatings has a wealth of knowledge of how to make the interior of your project look sharp and beautiful.  From pre-construction job walks and input, surface preparation, techniques of priming surfaces to minimize flashing, expert application, and experience with a wide variety of brands, products and finishes and different types of projects, PA Coatings offers a different and higher level of workmanship than is standard in commercial work.

And with the high production output of our company, you can be assured that you can also get your work done on schedule, no matter how complex the painting designs.

Example Projects:

–Lincoln Middle School Bldg C, 1501 California Ave, Santa Monica, CA; General Contractor: Erickson-Hall Construction Co.

–UCSD RIMAC Arena, 9500 Gilman Dr, La Jolla, CA; General Contractor: Turner Construction


PA Coatings has 12 years of experience applying a wide range of paints, finishes, and colors, on a variety of different surfaces and substrates.  Our skill delivers our clients a premium result.  You can have FAITH in PA Coatings.

  • Friendly service, we treat our clients as we would like to be treated
  • Aptitude, we have the manpower, financial strength, and experience to handle any project
  • Integrity, we handle our business with honor
  • Technical excellence, we are skilled, and have extensive knowledge of our trade
  • Hard work, we value hard work, and we put our hearts into being productive, and meeting your schedule


  • How much area does a gallon on paint cover?

    Most typically, a gallon of paint covers 300 square feet per gallon, but it varies per substrate, and from color to color, as bright or deep colors are often more translucent, and may require additional coats.

  • The tape joints on the drywall are showing through the paint, why is this happening and how can this be avoided?

    Generally paint is only designed to be used over level 5 drywall, but level 4 is often used anyway.  The texture and absorption rate varies between taped joints and drywall, and if the drywall paper itself has been sanded, that will stand out as well.  The general recommendation is to use a level 5 drywall finish, but if not possible, then back-rolling the primer coat MAY hide tape joints, but it’s not guaranteed.

  • The touch-ups on my walls are flashing (are shiny), why and what can we do about that?

    Sometimes the surface has been burnished (polished) from cleaning dirt off walls in construction, and the sheen of the touch-up will not match.  Or sometimes, certain paints do not touch-up well, and build up sheen in shinier spots where you touch up.  In these cases sometimes by adding a little water to the paint a better-touchup can be achieved.  To avoid excessive touchups and achieve a clean finish, we recommend in many cases, leaving the final required coat until the very end of the project.

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