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PA Coatings provides the diverse wallcovering installations you require for your custom project.  We can install many kinds of wallcovering, from standard 54” vinyl random matches to drop matches to random pattern matches, to digital or mural wallcoverings, to wood grain wallcoverings to dry erase wallcoverings with trim and trays, our knowledge and workmanship will bring the project’s design to fruition.  Coordination with our painters, applying proper primers, and having responsibility for touchups required after paper installation, saves you time, hassle and payment of trade damage dollars.  We have a large number of paperhangers and subcontractors to take care of the work you need.

And with the high production output and resources available to our company, you can be assured that you can also get your work done on schedule.

Example Projects:

–Hilton, The Waterfront Beach Resort, 21100 Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach, CA

–Miramonte Resort & Spa, 45000 Indian Wells Lane, Indian Wells, CA; General Contractor: Watkins Landmark Construction


PA Coatings has 12 years of experience in painting, wallcovering, and construction.  We install and hang many kinds of wallcoverings, from digital to specialty.  Our high production capabilities enable us to handle large wallcovering projects such as hotels and resorts.  You can have FAITH in PA Coatings.

  • Friendly service, we treat our clients as we would like to be treated
  • Aptitude, we have the manpower, financial strength, and experience to handle any project
  • Integrity, we handle our business with honor
  • Technical excellence, we are skilled, and have extensive knowledge of our trade
  • Hard work, we value hard work, and we put our hearts into being productive, and meeting your schedule


  • The wallcovering installation looks uneven, why is that?

    Wallcovering will reflect the surface condition underneath.  If there are voids, rough spots, crooked corners and the like, bubbles, crooked panels, and uneven matches may occur.  The sheen of the paper, the thickness of the vinyl or fabric, the patterns, or even the color of the paper also affect the extent to which surface defects project through the paper.  In the design phase, these factors should be taken into consideration, in order to plan for a successful finish on your project.  Mock-ups are also recommended for these reasons.

  • After a wall was patched, why doesn’t the new wallcovering repair match?

    Wallcoverings are manufactured in different runs and dye lots which may appear just slightly different in color, sheen, etc..  If a different run is used on a repair, the repaired panels may look slightly off.  If this is the case it may be necessary to re-hang the entire wall corner-to-corner to get a uniform appearance.  For this reason, if possible, all the wallcovering for the project should come from the same run or dye lot, and if not possible, should be segregated and recorded as to which run was used where.  Also, underlying wall repairs should be smooth complete and uniform.  And if at all possible, panels on which damage or wall repairs occur should be re-hung floor to ceiling as opposed to seaming in patches.

  • The wallcovering is to be owner provided, how much wallcovering should be ordered?

    Please contact our estimators or project managers to verify quantities.  It is important that you have enough material in the same dye lot or run if possible to complete the work.  This includes a waste factor of at least 25% (check manufacturer’s recommendation), extra materials for the inevitable repairs, and extra stock materials as required to leave for the owner of the building after completion of project.

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