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Auto Club Dragway muscle car anti-graffiti
USC FS water rep anti-graffiti


PA Coatings has installed a multitude of vertical water-repellents as well as anti-graffiti systems, and has the expertise to install whatever product you require.  Our skill in understanding and following technical data and application instructions will help deliver you a product that meets your warranty needs for protecting your structure from water intrusion or graffiti.   Our project managers and estimators are knowledgeable on procuring the warranties you need, the processes required to get the warranties, and get them to you on time.

And with the high production output of our company, you can be assured that you can also get your work done on schedule.

Example projects:

–Auto Club Dragway Sound wall at Auto Club Speedway, 9300 Cherry Ave, Fontana, CA; General Contractor: RC Construction

–USC Fire Station #15, 3000 S. Hoover St, Los Angeles, CA, General Contractor: Erickson-Hall Construction Co.


PA Coatings has 12 years of commercial coatings and construction experience. We can apply a wide range of products to provide varying warranty requirements on whatever surface is required, to protect your buildings or structures.  You can have FAITH in PA Coatings.

  • Friendly service, we treat our clients as we would like to be treated
  • Aptitude, we have the manpower, financial strength, and experience to handle any project
  • Integrity, we handle our business with honor
  • Technical excellence, we are skilled, and have extensive knowledge of our trade
  • Hard work, we value hard work, and we put our hearts into being productive, and meeting your schedule


  • What types of anti-graffiti coatings are there?

    Very generally there are two main types, sacrificial and non-sacrificial.  Sacrificial, which usually does not come with a warranty, requires you to scrub the surface after graffiti with the required cleaner, and then re-coat with more sacrificial coating.  Non-sacrificial often comes with a warranty.  To remove graffiti, you scrub or treat the surface with the required cleaner.  Consult the manufacturer recommendations for precise procedures to remove graffiti.  Also, some manufacturers provide a pigmented anti-graffiti coating which can be applied to a properly prepared and primed surface in lieu of paint.

  • How much time do I need to wait for a freshly installed item to sit before installing water-repellents or anti-graffiti?

    Consult the manufacturer of the coating and the said materials on recommendation, but often a month or more for bare surfaces.  For clear anti-graffiti over paint, it’s often two weeks to allow fungicides and mildewcides to leech out.  If that time is not allowed, the top clear coat may yellow.

  • There is efflorescence on my wall, how can I remove that prior to the clear coating?

    To remove efflorescence, sandblasting may be necessary.  Chemical means such as environmentally-compliant muriatic or etching acids may alleviate the efflorescence but it is often ineffective.  Moisture often leeches out of masonry structures from the concrete within or from below the ground and the bottom surface of the wall even after application of water repellents and anti-graffiti coating.  This can cause efflorescence even in a sealed wall.  Also, horizontal surfaces may require a different water repellent to repel standing water.

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