Pennsylvania Coatings has been blessed to donate the painting and related work for Centerpoint Church since 2012, helping to love and lead people to a life-changing connection with Christ.

In this time, we have been a part of the construction of an 11,000 square foot worship center with a seating capacity of 750, and patio space for outdoor church, an outdoor Connection Center in 2013, a 15,000 square foot youth and administration building completed in 2016 that included two high school and middle school worship/event rooms as well as an indoor/outdoor café.  This architecturally beautiful project won a Solomon Award in Best Church Design for Youth and Children’s Spaces.  The buildings on campus feature many exposed architectural elements and some challenging painting schemes and elements which show the versatility of our craftsmen’s skillfulness.

In addition, we repainted the existing CP Kids building and Worship Center again in 2017, and continue to paint ongoing projects at the campus.  Pennsylvania Coatings Inc. provides paint to finish, modular homes Centerpoint builds and delivers to Mexico to assemble to provide homes for families who do not have shelter as well.

We also have committed to donate the grading and paint work in 2019-2020 in the construction of an annex/overflow building which will serve as a chapel adding 135 seats.  The worship center will also be renovated to add a balcony that will add 460 theater style seats that will increase the worship center’s capacity by 65%.  The grounds will also be graded to greatly expand parking onsite.

We participate in this work for free to give back to the One who gave it all to us.  We credit God for our company’s success. In turn we help provide a facility, a home away from home, for people to experience the love of Jesus and God’s family.  Every project given to Pennsylvania Coatings Inc. and Pennsylvania Grading in substantial part benefits the mission of Centerpoint Church and other Christ-following ministries.


Project Type New Construction, Renovation, Repaint, faith center buildings, work donated by Pennsylvania Coatings Inc.
Location 24470 Washington Ave, Murrieta, CA
General Contractor Visioneering Studios
Architect Visioneering Studios
Date Completed 2012-2018


    • Interior painting and repainting of drywall, exposed structural and wood ceilings, doors, door frames, metal and wood trim
    • Interior painting and repainting of acoustical panels and stages/platforms
    • Water repellents on interior and exterior CMU surfaces
    • Acid stain and sealer on concrete floors, interior and exterior
    • Exterior painting and repainting of concrete, plaster, siding, woodwork, doors, door frames, and miscellaneous metal
    • High performance paint on exterior exposed metal structures
    • Exterior wood staining and sealer
    • Exterior anti-graffiti coating
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