Our company completed the preparation and repaint of entire exterior of 139 structures at Hesperia High School during summer break 2014 at Hesperia High School.  We were only given approximately 5 weeks to complete production on the repaint. Our painters were up to the challenge and in the heat of the high desert summer, we completed the repaint in time for school to re-open the second week of August 2014.

In 2016, we completed a modernization renovation of the gym and cafeteria resulting in beautiful new facilities for the use of the district and it’s students.


Project Type Exterior Repaint of School, Renovation of Gym, Prevailing Wage
Location 9898 Maple Ave, Hesperia, CA
General Contractor Erickson-Hall Construction Co.
Architect Ruhnau Ruhnau Clarke (repaint), FF&A Architects (renovation)
Date Completed August 2014 (repaint), August 2016 (renovation)


    • Exterior prep and repaint of all buildings, stucco, concrete, CMU, woodwork, siding, doors, door frames, miscellaneous metal
    • Exterior high performance coating to metals and roof metals
    • Exterior “SCORPIONS” graphics repainted at street view of gym by roofline
    • Interior painting of drywall, concrete, exposed structural ceilings, doors, door frames, metal and wood trim
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